FAQs: Part 2

What are the benefits of branded eftpos rewards cards?

It’s essentially free cash, and we all know cash is king when it comes to motivating, engaging and rewarding folk.

Unlike store reward cards, our eftpos gift cards give the recipient the reward of choice as they are not tied to where and when they spend their cash.

Your recipient can choose where they spend their reward.

Further to that, by branding your eftpos gift cards it’s (literally) pocket-sized advertising for your brand.

But that’s not all.  As we house our own secure financial platform, you can tap into all the rich data insights from your recipient’s card usage.

In a nutshell you are giving the reward of choice and you are also maximising your marketing spend.

I’m currently using another company for my eftpos rewards cards, why should I switch?

That’s okay, we all make mistakes. Not only do we make it easy-peasy to switch, even if you are mid-program, our team will hold your hand through the process. Through that process, you will find that we provide more reward options with more ways to get set up and furthermore your end receipting will be receiving the best Eftpos Reward Product which give recipients longer to activate and longer to spend.

Send us your brief and we’ll show you why we are the #1 customer engagement company!

I don’t have time to create my own artwork design, can you help?

Sure! Our in-house studio will take care of all your design requirements or you can pick from the largest range of standard or co-branded cards in the market.

If my eftpos card recipients have any questions or enquiries once they’ve received their eftpos gift card, are they able to speak with a real person to get their query solved quickly?

Yes! We know how frustrating it can be when you have a telephone query and you are transferred over to a robot.

We provide outstanding customer service with our hotline open Monday-Friday 9-5pm EST* we have real people on the other end of the call ready to assist your card recipients! We also provide 24/7 web access for clients to activate and check their card balance.   Our customer charter puts customers 1st, we’ll pick up the phone within 3 rings and you can even brand the entire CX experience so it’s your own.

Can your eftpos gift cards be used anywhere in Australia?

They sure can! Our eftpos Gift Cards can be used anywhere Australia wide that accepts eftposso, yes basically anywhere.

I need something easy, fast and non-complicated, how time-efficient is the ordering process?

We make everything super simple and fuss-free for you when you order with us. Just one example of how we can make life easier for you is with our ‘eCommerce’ portal solution for total Gift Card Rewards management. Give us a call to discuss our wide range of options to suit your needs – fast!

What is the maximum activation period and expiry on your cards, from our research, we have heard of other rewards companies only giving 1 month for activation which caused us lots of headaches with consumer complaints?

Again, this is why we are Australia’s preferred Eftpos Gift Card supplier. Our Eftpos Gift Cards have a generous 6 month activation period with a 12 month expiry once activated as standard. However as we own our own banking platform this allows us to customise timeframes that work best for your requirements and budget.

Are the eftpos gift cards outsourced for printing and posting?

No way!

Unlike other reward companies, we keep everything from production right through to fulfillment in-house.  This makes us more secure, more agile and more cost effective. Easy!

Do you offer customised packaging & fulfillment?

Yes we do! We offer standard, co-branded and fully customised solutions for you.  So from completely bespoke and tailor made solutions right through to standard off the shelf and all the lovely stuff in between we have all the touch points you will ever need to make your campaign a success.

I don’t have a lot of time to get my cards made and distributed. Do you have ready-made options I can choose from quickly?

Yes. We have a great variety of top quality designs to suit all businesses and their requirements.  If you don’t have time to do your own design work or you simply want a quicker turnaround time for production chat to us today! We can even do digital visa cards that cut out postal delivery time that can save you even more time.

Do you cater for all types of budgets be it large or small?

Absolutely, we have a fantastic range of options to cater for all types of budgets and we encompass all promotional marketing & reward mechanics so that your budget can be maximised.

Will my cardholders get charged a fee when calling the customer service hotline?

No! That’s not our style. Unlike most gift card providers, we charge nothing, nada, neiente, to make a telephone enquiry! This means that the value on your recipients' gift card remains theirs and isn’t eaten into by a simple telephone enquiry.

Just another reason why our clients love us!

What types of promotions would I use gift cards for?

Oh my gosh! The list is endless! If you are running any of the below campaigns give us a shout.

Competitions, Prizes and Raffles, Sales Incentives, Cashback programs, EOFY Bonuses, Customer Rewards, Staff Rewards, Trade Incentives, Instant-Win Promotions, Loyalty Campaigns, Reward Programs, Money-Back Guarantees…





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